4 Tips to Manage Your Inbox like a Project Manager

Covance employees in the regional study coordinator (RSC), or associate project manager, role within our Global Project Management Department receive extensive training before managing the day-to-day activities of a clinical trial at a regional level.

Managing local laboratory operations and serving as the bridge between our internal departments and various clinical studies, RSCs must manage competing interests and communicate and articulate critical information to each department and amongst the project management team.



In 2015, South Korea introduced legislation designed to protect human health and the environment from the impact of chemicals. With an estimated 44,000 chemicals in use in South Korea and about 300 new chemicals marketed annually, registrants and regulators will be kept busy assessing the risk posed to humans, animals and the environment. This legislation was revised to impose stricter controls on a broader range of substances, effective January 1, 2019.



The impact of COVID-19 on reimbursement call center operations has the potential to be significant. However, a proactive crisis management plan and a dispersed, redundant operating model can go a long way towards safeguarding your patient support programs. As governments and citizens address challenges posed by this global pandemic, many companies are limiting in-office operations, or closing them entirely. Now is a good time to evaluate your current and future reimbursement call center strategy and be as prepared as possible for the unexpected events that interrupt patient access to your therapies.



They are not something most of us think about, that is, until something goes wrong. They filter 53 gallons of blood per day, remove toxins and excess volume from your blood, and help control other things like blood pressure and hemoglobin counts. They are our kidneys: two fist-sized bean-shaped organs that keep you healthy by making sure your blood remains in metabolic balance. Once a patient approaches kidney failure, we hope to get them a kidney transplant, but the reality is that the majority of patients undergo dialysis simply because there are not enough donated kidneys to go around. Either dialysis or a kidney transplant is needed to survive once kidney function is so poor that it needs replacement therapy.



Combination Products: What are they?

Any product formed from the combination of a drug, a device and a biologic is referred to as a combination product.  Under 21 CFR 3.2 (e) this includes two or more regulated components that are physically, chemically, or otherwise combined or mixed and produced as a single entity.


Advancing Innovations in Early Stage Oncology Research: Meet Amy

Many novel oncology treatments have brought new hope to people living with cancer, but these breakthrough medicines weren't developed overnight. On average, it takes at least 10 years to create a treatment "from molecule to medicine."

As a Study Director at Covance, Amy supports a key part of this process by helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies thoroughly evaluate their oncology drug candidates at the early stages.



部分罕见病有与之相关的著名筹款活动,例如,针对ALS的“冰桶挑战”或针对从囊性纤维化到肌肉营养不良等各种疾病的步行、跑步和马拉松式电视节目。其他疾病(例如威尔逊氏病——这种罕见的疾病会造成患者体内积累过多的铜)对于除患者朋友和家人以外的人来说实际上是未知的。据倡导团体Global Genes披露,共有7,000种截然不同的罕见病,这些疾病在全球影响着多达40000万人。被诊断出患有罕见病的人中约有一半是儿童。






全美非裔美国人/黑人历史月表彰了在我们的社会中有所作为的非裔美国人的成就。 许多著名的非裔美国医生、工程师、科学家和护士为医学和科学上的突破做出了贡献,并继续成为志在从事STEM(科学、技术、工程和数学)领域工作的有色人种学生的榜样。