Xcellerate Recruitment Analysis & Forecasting

Xcellerate® Recruitment Analysis & Forecasting, a built-for-purpose application, improves enrollment predictability and mitigates risk throughout a study to meet patient recruitment and delivery milestones.

Xcellerate Recruitment Analysis and Forecasting uses unique-to-the industry historical investigator data and artificial intelligence to forecast recruitment with detailed timelines before and during the enrollment period.


Our Analysis and Forecasting group applies our historic investigator recruitment performance data and experience of running Phase I dose escalation and expansion studies (cohort designs) in a study-tailored model to illustrate a possible outcome for patient recruitment. 随着研究推进,完成队列研究并分析数据,模型将经过调整以重新评估招募工作和未来研究的规划。

患者招募是开展临床研究的最大挑战。许多研究非常不稳定,有很多方法可以对研究进行建模。 Xcellerate Recruitment Analysis and Forecasting can provide detailed and flexible projections to easily model any scenario.此应用考虑了多个因素,可以为任何给定的研究进行时间表建模,从而更加切实地反映预期。

我们的团队可以进行建模的一些粒度因素包括针对特定研究中心的启动时间、结束日期、招募率、假期和季节性以及研究设计层级或亚组等数据。 Xcellerate Recruitment Analysis and Forecasting sets a minimum and/or maximum number of patients to be recruited on a country and/or regional level to measure the impact on enrollment.在整个研究过程中不断进行评估,可以及早发现风险并制定缓解计划。



Benefits of Xcellerate Recruitment Analysis and Forecasting:

  • 灵活:提供详细而灵活的建模能力,可将所有变量的影响纳入考虑 
  • 预测性:项目招募里程碑方案
  • 有效:推动实时做出明智的决策  
  • 高效:根据计划修正方向
  • 专职:由了解情况的专家小组采用不同统计方法进行